Tuesday, August 31, 2010

911 - The True Story

from Mathias Bröckers


9/11 - The True Story

The ZDF this evening (24 August, 2010) showed "The 11 Sept - The true Story", a Docusoap with frolicking play scenes, real "terror experts" and in between scattered reality pieces. The fairytale from Osama and the 19 carpet knifes, staged with the help of the story of the FBI terror chief John O'Niell, who was pulled off the job of chasing Bin Laden and as security chief of the WTC, gave up his life after a week on the job. On Sept. 11, 2001, I had brought to light, in an “obituary” the destiny of John O'Neill, and had wished at the time that I could have director Oliver Stone available for the "WTC Conspiracy", with the kicked-out Bin Laden Hunter as protagonist.

The greatest barrier in the investigation against Islamic terrorists, so said O'Neill, "was the interests of the US oil concerns and the roll played by the Saudis." The wish was not fulfilled, for in the placid 9/11 film, that Stone made, nothing of significance was realized. For their film, the ZDF production staff of historian Guido Knopp produced their "true story" on O'Neill - and whoever is sufficiently prepared for a vomiting experience, may elect this masochistic experience. I could do that only with some interruptions. One is accustomed to the prostituting media, but so dull and stupid, that is painful enough. Far more exciting than this story tale is the thriller from Dirk Gerhardt, who takes on the destiny of O'Neill, as fiction, but surely nearer to the "true story", "Nanospuren".