Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guantanamo-“Kindersoldat“ verurteilt: Kein Geständnis, sondern ein Eingeständnis



Guantanamo-“Child Soldier“ Convicted: No Confession, Rather, an Agreement.
24 year old terror suspect Omar Khadr confessed to all crime with which he is accused, on 26 Oct. at Guantánamo Bay, before a military tribunal.

But that is not a confession. But rather it was coerced by an agreement for a reduced sentence. He need only!! serve 8 more years.

Khadr was 15 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan. (2002!!!)

He was accused of being a member of Al Qaeda. During a gunfight in Afghanistan, he supposedly killed a US soldier with a hand grenade. He was nearly fatally wounded, as well. The crime is based on the consideration that he was not officially a soldier, and thus not qualified to handle the grenade. Hence, he was accused of being a war criminal.

(But is ok to slaughter en masse, unqualified citizens, if one is qualified.)

After being incarcerated, he was tortured, with such as sleep deprivation, and threats of murder and rape.

His lawyer stated that he was deprived of breathing until he became nearly unconscious, allowed to recover and then that would be repeatedly repeated. He was harassed with barking dogs, while he had a plastic bag over his head.

The process was criticized by human rights organizations, civil rights activists. Despite pleadings by Amnesty International and UNICEF, Canada, technically his land, refused his re-entry into that nation. (Sick.)

Obama, aware of this, stated that he should be given special rights. (Article author's comment, what rights, the right to confess?)

The deal is a face saving for the USA. With the confession, it can now claim it was in the right. Nowhere in the Media, is torture mentioned.

FBI agent Robert Fuller interrogated Khadr, when he was capture in Afghanistan. Under Fuller's regime, a terror plot was staged (bombs in New York), in which Islamic "Terrorists" turned out to be drug-addicted criminals, who were lured with money.

Not an exclusive case. Also, a plot that was revealed in 2007. An attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey was planned wherein as many solders would be killed as possible, in which an FBI informant played a key roll. He received $240,00 for the service.

The cases of Omar Khadr may be placed in the category, "how one tinkers with terrorism". His confession is is actually an agreement , the the USA, in its war on terror, will throw any standards of rights over board.